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Thematic Series - Interdependent Networks: Structure, Dynamics and Evolution

Not only are our interactions limited and thus best described not by well-mixed models but rather by models entailing networks, it is also a fact that these networks are often interconnected and indeed very much interdependent. From the World economy to Google Circles, it is clear that processes taking place in one network might affect what is happening in many other networks. Within an interdependent system, each type of interaction has certain relevance or meaning, so that treating all the links identically inevitably leads to information loss. Interdependent or multiplex networks are therefore a much better description of such systems, and this Thematic Series is devoted to their structure, dynamics and evolution, as well as to the study of emergent properties in multi-layered systems in general. Topics of interest include but are not limited to the spread of epidemics and information, synchronization, diffusion, random walks, collective behavior and evolutionary games on interdependent networks

Topics include:

  • Structure and function of interdependent networks
  • Evolutionary games on interdependent networks
  • Phase transitions and critical phenomena on interdependent networks
  • Random walks on interdependent networks
  • Diffusion on interdependent networks
  • Epidemics on interdependent networks
  • Spread of information on interdependent networks
  • Synchronization on interdependent networks
  • Chaos and nonlinear dynamics on interdependent networks
  • Collective behavior on interdependent networks
  • Agent-based models on interdependent networks

Lead guest editor
Matjaz Perc, University of Maribor

Guest editor
Muaz Niazi, Bahria University

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