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Table 1 RASP instructions adapted from Cook and Reckhow’s ( 1973 ) Table 2

From: A theoretical formalism for analyzing agent-based models

Instruction Interpretation Code Time New space
LOD c Load constant c into AC 1 2w 0
Increment IC    
ADD X i Add the value in register Xj to AC 2 4w 0
Increment IC    
SUB X i Subtract the value in register Xj from AC 3 4w 0
Increment IC    
STO X i Store the value in AC to register Xj 4 3w w, if Xj was not allocated else 0
Increment IC    
BPA c If AC > 0, then set IC to c 5 3w 0
If AC ≤ 0, increment IC    
RD X i Load the next input tape value into Xj 6 3w w, if Xj was not
Increment IC    allocated else 0
PRI X i Output the value in Xj to the output tape 7 3w 0
Increment IC    
HLT Halt execution -∞ o 0 and 8 to ∞- 2w 0