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Table 1 Comparative evaluation of CR MAC protocols

From: A survey on MAC protocols for complex self-organizing cognitive radio networks

Spectrum sensing (Akyildiz et al. 2008; Hossain 2009) Energy detection Not discussed Cyclo- stationery Not discussed Not discussed Energy detection
Acknowledgement after Tx No Yes Yes No No No
Avoidance of multi-channel hidden terminal (Adamis et al. 2007) No Not addressed Not addressed No Yes Yes
Control channel Assumed Dedicated GCCC Non-GCCC Dedicated Non-GCCC
Best channel criteria Arbitrary data rate arbitrary Channel rank Not discussed Arbitrary
Multi-channel MAC (Bolívar et al. 2010) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Physical layer parameters (Wang et al. 2008) DSSS Not discussed Not discussed DSSS Not discussed DSSS
Use of backup data channel No No Yes Yes No No
Spectrum access 802.11 DCF 802.11 DCF CSMA/CA 802.11 DCF CSMA/CA CSMA/CA
Number of transceivers Single Single Single Single Multiple Single
Number of control frames 4 3 4 4 5 2