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Table 1 Household-level variables

From: Self-enforcing agreement in cooperative teams: an agent-based modeling approach

Variable Data type Value
Shirk status (shirk) Boolean 1 if shirk, 0 otherwise
Exit status (exit) Boolean 1 if shirk, 0 otherwise
Type status (j-type) Boolean 1 if j-type, 0 otherwise
Leisure preference (alpha) Floating-point [0, 1]
Time preference (delta) Floating-point [0, 1]
Marginal product of effort (theta) Integer [1, 10]
Fixed cost (fixcost) Integer [5, 30]
Working effort (effort) Floating-point Model output
Output yield by production (yield) Floating-point Model output
Utility (utility) Floating-point Model output
Sustained discount rate (discount a) Floating-point Model output
  1. aSustained discount rate is an indicator provided in Dong and Dow (1993). It measure how cooperation is sustained for households. It can be used to indicate the sustainability of a team (this is elaborated in the “Results” section)