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Erratum to: A moderate role for cognitive models in agent-based modeling of cultural change

Complex Adaptive Systems Modeling20142:1

Received: 3 December 2013

Accepted: 3 December 2013

Published: 6 January 2014

The original article was published in Complex Adaptive Systems Modeling 2013 1:16


After publication of (Abrams 2013), I discovered errors in two formulas in the settle-nets paragraphs of the POPCO main loop section in Methods (page 13 in the PDF file). I correct these errors here. In the definition of the weighted sum n i of input activations a j from nodes j to node i across links with weights w ij , the direction of the inequality was reversed. The definition of n i should read:
n i = j w ij max ( 0 , a j ) for w ij < 0 .
There were also errors in the definition of s i , the weighted sum of a node’s current activation a i and its summed inputs p i and n i across positively and negatively weighted links, respectively. The definition of s i should read as follows:
s i = ( 1 . 1 ) a i + ( . 99 a i ) p i + ( a i ( . 99 ) ) n i

I regret these errors and hope that they do not cause confusion. Full source code for the version of POPCO used in Abrams (2013) can be found at


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Department of Philosophy, University of Alabama at Birmingham, USA


  1. Abrams M: A moderate role for cognitive models in agent-based modeling of cultural change. Complex Adaptive Syst Model 2013, 1(16):1–33.MathSciNetGoogle Scholar


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